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Chipbond was established in 1997 July 2nd and was booked on the Taiwan Stock Exchange starting from 2002 January 31st. Chipbond Technology Corporation is the only company in Taiwan to supply a true full Turnkey Service for backend assembly processing of LCD driver ICs from wafer bumping to packaging. There are two fabs in operation, the LiHsin Plant and the Prosperity Plant are both located within the Hsinchu Science Park. Wafer bumping is conducted in LiHsin Plant whilst the subsequent backend processing such as testing, dicing and packaging is conducted in the Prosperity Plant.  
The manufacturing process for driver ICs are different from the standard ICs; they are required to be manufactured by front end foundries' special process, then go through backend production by gold bumping, TCP or COF assembly process. Finally, they are sent to panel houses for final production. In recent years, Taiwan has invested more than 100 billion NTD into the photonics industry in development of TFT-LCD panels and related components. The industry has grown on a phenomenal scale and became the world leader overtaking South Korea; it is expected for the next 10  
years, Taiwan will still be the dominant global supplier. As gold bumping providers are losing its profitability and survivability, Driver IC assembly industries are bound for consolidation. Thus Chipbond with its turnkey service will maintain the leading position in Driver IC assembly market, sustaining steady growth.
No.3, Li Hsin 5th Rd., Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, 300, Taiwan, R.O.C. TEL : +886-3-5678788 FAX : +886-3-5638998
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