Global Display Driver IC Packaging and Testing Leader.

Chipbond Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Chipbond) was founded in July 1997. As a downstream packaging and testing service provider in the semiconductor industry, Chipbond has its headquarters in Hsinchu Science Park.The Company was listed at Taipei Exchange (TPEx) for public trade in 2002 (Stock Code: 6147). Since then, we have expanded our operations to six locations and currently employ approximately 5,200 people. We are one of the few companies in the country that possesses a competitive advantage in the entire process of manufacturing, packaging and testing of driver ICs. Additionally, we are the world's largest packaging and testing facility for display driver ICs and hold a prominent position among the top ten semiconductor packaging and testing companies globally.


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Diverse and High-Quality Packaging and Testing Solutions.

In addition to the business in the development and manufacturing of display driver IC packaging and testing processes, we have also been actively expanding our packaging and testing services in the non-driver IC domain. These services include manufacture of wafer-level bumps (BMUP), wafer probing/testing, Chip on Film (COF), Chip on Glass (COG), and Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP). Apart from silicon-based packaging processes, we have extended our expertise in bumping and Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging to compound semiconductor-related fields such as LiTaO3, GaAs, GaN, and SiC. We also provide products such as Flexible Tape-and-Reel Circuit Substrate and Chip Trays for packaging purposes. Through our full-service contract manufacturing, we cater to the diverse needs of customers in various fields, including display technology, wireless communication, power management, automotive electronics, and biomedicine.


Pursuing Innovations, Creating Value.
With the advancement of new technologies such as 5G mobile communications, the Internet of Things (IoT) and electric vehicles are growing demand for high-tech products. In addition to our existing packaging and testing services, Chipbond actively integrates upstream and downstream supply chain resources and collaborates with strategic partners to develop third-generation compound semiconductor process services and advanced packaging technologies. By positioning ourselves strategically within the industry value chain, we aim to provide customers with a more comprehensive and holistic service. This approach helps us create a competitive advantage for sustainable business operations and development.